Acne Regimen that Works for Me April 04 2015, 0 Comments

By Shanquenett Harris

My acne has calmed down due to me sticking with a regimen. One thing I've learned so far, is to give the products time to work. The skin becomes irritated when you use too many products at once. I have tried everything like clean&clear, ProActiv, neutrogena, ambi, etc... I have tried using a facial clay mask called Indian Healing clay. I like the mask because it made my skin really soft & smooth. The clay mask made it easy for me to remove a lot of blackheads. What I didn't like was that it draws everything to the surface. I am going to start back using the mask once I get the dark spots gone.

Anyways, I became discouraged because nothing was working for me. I was not giving anything time to work. I was so impatient, I wanted everything to happen over night. I started using so many products at one time that my skin became dry and irritated. I had dry patches over my face and my face itched badly. My skin started peeling. The makeup was not doing the job covering in covering up the dry skin.

I've also tried changing my makeup. I find it so hard for me to find non-comedogenic makeup. My aunt told me to use primer before I put on my makeup because it can help stop my pores from getting clogged. I am so happy she told me about primer because it has helped me a lot. I use the BB primer medium color. I am using covergirl flawless finish foundation, I am going to be changing that soon be cause it makes my skin look really oily.

For concealer I use N.Y.C almond color to highlight, and for contouring I use black radiance. I clean my brushes once a week, I don't know if I'm suppose to do it more frequently or what. I wash my face twice a day, morning and night. I do not try to over do it because I don't want my skin to become irritated. Right now I am using a benzoyl peroxide face wash with the AcneFree Advance cleansing brush, this really helped my skin with calming down the acne. I also use witch hazel for toner, then I would put tea tree oil on my problem areas, then I would apply some over the counter benzoyl peroxide cream, and I would finish it up with palmers anti-darkspot  fade cream.

What regimen do you follow for treating your acne and what do you find works best for your skin?