My Acne Story : Jessica February 27 2015, 0 Comments


By Jessica Glynn

All throughout high school (grade 9-12) my skin was pretty much clear (no discolouration, no acne, barely any redness, just freckles around my nose), aside from the monthly PMS blemish or stress pimple during exam times.  It wasn't until my first year of university where the problems started to occur.

Now, here's my theory of why I think my skin took a turn for the worse:

1.  University was my first ever time actually living away from home (because my school was far away from my hometown, I lived on Residence) so therefore this caused some stress
2.  Living on residence meant that I'd have to buy a "Meal Plan" which is basically a shit ton of money on overly expensive fatty foods in cafeterias.
3.  If you've ever completed your first year of university/college you'd know that... that shit is tough work.  There are a lot of assignments and readings and it got very stressful very fast.
4.  Lack of sleep (due to school work and social life)
5.  Increase in caffeine which is definitely something you want to avoid if you can

Basically, university = no sleep = stress = lots of stress eating = poor health choices.

In my first year my acne reeeeeally flared up and I had a bunch of pimples and small bumps which caused me to pick at them and pop them (which if you have active acne right now DO NOT do! It is so bad for your skin).  The summer after my first year I decided that I needed to do something about it because it really bothered me.  I tried out the Spectro Gel for about 4 months and saw little to no results.

Then I decided to splurge on the Cetaphil line and thank God I came across that brand because it did wonders to my skin.  But Cetaphil cleared up my acne and got rid of all my active acne which left me with the scarring that can be seen in many of the pictures that I post in my blogs.  Now I'm trying out the Banish Acne Scars system to hopefully transform my face.

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