Derma rolling! February 13 2015, 0 Comments

By KeteFeycher

Derma rolling is becoming more and more popular. I was recently introduced to this method of scar removal by researching a few things on YouTube. I am a 22 year old female and had a very terrible breakout about 9 months ago. My skin is still recovering from that and because of the breakout, I now have some scars from the previous acne. It is still embarrassing and annoying because although there is no more active acne, there is still marks in my skin that won’t go away. It is even sometimes hard to hide with the make up because you can still see the little “pits” in the skin. When I watched the video about the derma rolling, I was excited because I finally figured there was hope for me.  I am a full time college student so there is no way I can afford those laser treatments or the chemical peels that some skin places offer. I was excited to give the roller a try so I immediately ordered a 1.0 mm roller. I had read some previous comments about the results and how long it takes to get results. From the previous comments I had read about, people usually roll once every month because it takes a certain amount of days for your skin to recover. I have been derma rolling for about 3 months now, and I can tell that my skin feels a lot better but I am not sure if I actually see a difference in my skin. I know I probably will have to wait a little bit longer and have to be patient with the process because skin does take time to recover, especially from the type of breakout I had. I am excited to try the serum from because I feel as though the serum will do my skin a great deal. I loved seeing all the wonderful results on this website from the all the people who have tried this product and wow! There have been so many great before and after pictures with this kit. I am going to try and order this kit as soon as I can so I can begin on this great journey to clear up my skin!