What I have Tried on my Acne February 02 2015, 0 Comments

By Gabrielle Gullotti

Growing up, I was constantly trying new things to help my skin. In the past I have used mostly external products. Proactive- A 3 step system they recommend you start off doing three times a day, crazy. After using it, my skin was not much clearer, and it was extremely sensitive. The toner was very harsh, and the moisturizer did not help much at all. Once I completely stopped using it, it took a good three months for my skin to stop flaking and being so sensitive.

Nano Cleanse- a very pricy investment. It worked quite well for a few weeks maybe a month, but once my skin was used to it, it stopped working. The first time I used it, it stung very intensely, and my skin was quite red. St. Ives acne scrub- kept my skin clean, but didn’t rid me of acne. It was very rough, which dried out my skin.

To help with the drying, I used a moisturizer with oil in it, making my pores over active in oil production. It was a cycle of mistakes.

Avecix- decent for pimples, but expensive and harsh on your skin. For some reason when I would put it on my skin, my eyes would water, doesn’t sound good.

Clean and clear and Neutrogena - basic face washes with not many benefits other than keeping your face clean.

X-out- felt nice, but didn’t do much for acne. They also charged me on the down low without sending products, so they weren’t a very trustful company. The list goes on.

All these products were essentially the same, they either contained salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, tea tree oil, or a mix of the few.

I have also approached the problem internally, with  antibiotics , amoxicillan specifically, that my doctor recommended for me. It really helped with my body acne, but unfortunately didn’t do much for my face. It screwed with my digestion so I had to go on probiotics after. I stop using the amoxicillan because it wasn’t good for me and didn’t help with my face.

To summarize, I have tried so many products spent so much time and money on trying to clear my skin, but nothing has really worked.