What Do You Want To Banish January 29 2015, 0 Comments


Our fans shared with us their struggles with acne and life's many obstacles.  Today, I will be featuring a few that stood out and each of these people will get a Banish Kit on us to help them get closer to their goals of what they want to banish in 2015. 

 Allie's Story

I want to banish the feeling of insecurity and embarrassment seeing the damage acne has done to my skin. I want to be able to feel beautiful without makeup on, to be able to wake up in the morning and cuddle with my partner rather than discreetly go off into the bathroom to put foundation on so he doesn't see how horrible my scars are. I don't want this to be a burden in my life anymore, I don't want it to consume my thoughts anymore. I want to be able to heal not only my skin, but my self confidence within. I want to be able to walk past a mirror and see beauty, rather than see all the damage that has been done to face. Not only is my acne scars a physical burden, they have become an emotional burden, and I'm ready to say goodbye to these feelings for good. 


 Megan's Story

2015. A brand new year. A brand new start. Too bad scars of 2014, 2013, 2012, etc. are still showing. Emotional scars, mental scars, and physical scars. Scars of hurt. Scars of pain.  But when New Years come around your suppose to start fresh right? I never do. So this year I want to. I want to banish any doubts I have for this coming year. I want to banish the insecurities I feel on a daily basis. I want to banish being self conscious and feel like myself. Like a young, beautiful, strong, woman. I want to banish how my skin defines me and let the world see that the inside does match the outside. That being me is pretty awesome....because I am pretty awesome.

-Megan E.

 Banish The Doubts

I want to banish the doubts... It took me a long time to realize that I am blessed to be a blessing to others & I never need to let the doubts of am I good enough, am I worthy enough, am I strong enough to always endure life's trials & tribulations? Family members passing away too soon, stress breakouts, nights of insomnia/over thinking the what ifs & the what will be(s). Even though I am confident in my abilities because of what I've overcome thus far I still have the days of doubts.

-MsChris Rivers

 Banish Scarred Skin

This past May my hormones were acting crazy! My face exploded with painful, horrible acne! Growing up I had beautiful skin so the breakouts that I began to experience were pretty traumatic. Since May different parts of my face began to breakout at different times. Once one area would start to clear up another part would start breaking out. On top of all that every single pimple left behind a red/purple colored mark. My acne has finally calmed down a lot but now I'm left with all the discoloration and scars. My college graduation is coming up in a few months so my family, who I haven't seen in over a year, will be coming into town. I would love for my skin to be healed and as clear as possible so having the Banished kit would be a dream come true! :-)


Hope these stories give you some reassurance that you aren't alone, and inspire you to reach your goals and gain confidence this year!