Experience with PanOxyl January 04 2015, 1 Comment

By Kate Feycher

PanOxyl is an acne product that can be purchased at any local drug store such as a CVS pharmacy or Walgreens. When I had purchased this product, I was going through a really rough time with my facial acne. I had a horrible breakout on both sides of my face and I was desperate to find a solution to my acne problem. I had tried many products before purchasing this product. I had tried prescriptions from my dermatologist, oral antibiotic medications, topical antibiotics, Proactive, and many different 3 step system kits. Nothing had worked for me.

One day I was researching drugstore products for acne care, when I came across this review for PanOxyl 10% Benzyl Peroxide facial wash.  I was reading some reviews and some people mentioned that they had success by using this face wash. All it took for me was to read a couple good reviews about the product and I was hooked. The next day, I went out to Walgreens and purchased the face wash.

The first time I applied the face wash to my face, it burned like nothing else. I mean, I expected it to be painful because it was a 10% benzyl peroxide product, but not like this. After I washed off the product my face was all red and was very painful. Even after 30 minutes my face would still be burning and would even be painful to sleep on. For me it didn’t matter though. I thought to myself, if this was going to take away all these disgusting acne marks, I could toughen it out.

One day after I washed my face with PanOxyl, my mom even came up to me and said that my face looked like it had been burned because it was so red. I just ignored that because I thought it would all be worth it in a few weeks. Not even 4 days had gone by when I stopped using the product. This product had made my face feel so dry, burned, and red. I couldn’t even smile some days because of how painfully dry my skin was.

I would not recommend this product because it did more damage than good. It didn’t help with my acne at all. I would definitely recommend using a more gentle approach to acne care because at the end of the day it is your skin that you are taking care of and if you use harsh chemicals, it is not going to get better any faster.