Natural Treatments for Acne December 23 2014, 0 Comments

By Chloe Singh

As a Acne suffer I have dealt with the depressing symptoms of acne and this includes all the emotional and physical pain acne can cause to one.

It has been exactly five years and till this very day I am still suffering with acne and to top it off me being the person I was all I wanted was for my acne to disappear at a faster rate and don’t get me wrong but I still do although a couple of years ago I had thought the solution for this was to pop every pimple that had popped up all of a sudden on my face, but after constantly repeating this method it had came to my senses that popping a pimple is not right as it does further damage to the skin and I sadly now suffer  the consequences of popping my previous acne because now my face is scared with the reminder of my actions. Popping a pimple is never the solution it only dose further damage to the skin.


Not all people can afford the latest and greatest products to help with preventing acne occurring although there are much affordable methods that we acne suffers can undertake to help treat our acne.

The below are a list of natural acne treatment remedies that can be prepared with everyday home products.


Apple cider vinegar toner for acne

Add 2/3 alcohol free which hazel and 1/3 raw apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar contains gentle exfoliating acids to calm acne and it helps to balance the skins ph levels.


Turmeric and Greek Yoghurt

Turmeric is really good for treating skin problems including acne, owing to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric mixed with natural Greek yoghurt will help reduce the appearance of acne scars.


Lemon juice and Baking soda

Baking soda helps to exfoliate the skin, removing all dead skin cells. The lemon juice reduces oil, kills bacteria, reduces redness and helps aid to also remove acne scarring.


Tomato and Lime juice

Mix three to four drops of lime juice into a small bowl with one tablespoon of tomato juice, mixing well then apply onto acne.