Top 5 Myths About Acne Exposed December 08 2014, 1 Comment

Have you heard of using toothpaste to dry up your pimples, or that the more you scrub your face the better your acne will get?  Does it really work?  Here I’m going to expose the top 5 acne treating myths that a lot of people may have heard about, and confirming if they really work or not.    

#1 Myth: Toothpaste on your pimples will dry them out.

Fact:  Toothpaste does contain ingredients that can dry up pimples like baking soda but there's nothing in it to prevent acne from forming.  In fact toothpaste also has ingredients that can cause more redness and irritation and even burn your skin.  Sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpaste is also a known pore clogger.

#2 Myth:  Scrubbing your face a lot will prevent acne! 

Fact:  Scrubbing a lot will actually add more irritation to the pores.  Acne is caused by a pore getting clogged with dead skin cells and sebum, but they don’t start getting clogged from the top down,  they start getting clogged from deep inside the pore.   Adding too much irritation with hard scrubbing can cause more pores to clog.  It’s best to clean them with cleansers that can clean deep within pores and gently with your hands. 

#3.  Myth: Going out into the sun will get rid of acne.

Fact:  It’s important to get a little sun exposure a day so your body can make vitamin D.  However all you really need is about 15 minutes of sun exposure a day and too much sun could leave your skin damaged.  I know when you have acne you tend to go a little extreme in treatments, but trust me all you need is a few minutes a day.

#4.  Myth:  Chocolate and junk food causes acne

People think that when they eat chocolate or junk food, it will make their skin more greasy, but so far there is no scientific evidence that junk foods will cause acne or affect the health of your skin.  I’m not saying go ahead and eat as much chocolate and burgers as you want, because it does plays in a role in your overall health. 

#5 Myth: Rub Baking soda mixture on skin as a cleanser.

Fact:  Don’t put baking soda on your skin! Why? Because your skin’s natural ph is slightly acidic around 5.5 pH and baking soda mixtures are a pH of 8.  This disrupts the barrier of your skin  and it actually damages skin.  To maintain healthy skin it needs to be kept at the normal pH of 4.5-6.5.   Baking soda is used to clean rust off of jewelry! Something that strong shouldn’t be used on your skin. 

Hope this clarifies some of your questions about home acne treatments and that you'll know you to not try it!   Have you been doing some of these things? What effective acne treatments have you tried?