Skin Mapping and Acne April 30 2014, 0 Comments

Written by Elizabeth Burns


Skin mapping has helped me tremendously when discovering why certain areas of my face were breaking out, and what I could do for this specific areas themselves.

I myself have struggled with acne for seven years now, and my skin didn’t stop breaking out in certain areas, and I had no idea why. I changed my diet, found a routine I thought worked rather nicely, but nothing was working. I then soon discovered skin mapping.

Skin mapping is a chart, showing us the various areas of our face. This will help us determine what’s going on in the rest of our body (internally) and that will then aid in us fixing those issues. I will now section off the different areas of the face, which you can then scroll through and pick out which areas you’re dealing with and find your cure.

Just also a little disclaimer: By improving your health in these certain areas of your body may or may not help the appearance of the skin on the face. You could also be breaking out due to an allergy or irritation to certain products. These will not only help your body, but could improve your skin.

JAW -  Your jaw is related to two things. Breakouts found in this area could be related to hormones - so ladies around our periods, this could be our problem area -. You could look into hormone controlling pills like birth control with your doctor. But, the internal area associated with this section on your skin is your stomach. So improving your dietary health, cutting back on things like soda, chips and overly greasy foods and acidic/carbonated drinks. This area is also connected to over amounts of stress and anxiety. Try to give time for your body to calm down, and the appearance of this area may improve!

FOREHEAD/ TEMPLES - The forehead is related to the kidneys and liver. If experiencing breakouts in this area, accelerate your water intake and try to get lots rest. It’s important to let the kidneys and liver rest, to help their performance. So make sure to get a good night’s sleep!

CHEEKS - The cheeks are related to your lungs and heart. Many smokers experience issues here, so if you’re a smoker try your best to quit. It’s better for your overall health anyways! If you suffer with allergies, this could also be showing up on the skin. Try to look for allergy medication to help calm down those symptoms.

NECK - This is usually the sign of your body trying to fight off an infection or illness. If you are starting to get breakouts in this area, focus on adding more immune system aiding vitamins into your system like Vitamin C (which you can get from citrus fruits, so try to drink or eat oranges.) and increase your water intake.

EYEBROWS - If you’re experiencing breakouts in between or on the eyebrows, this is usually showing excessive alcohol intake or heavy food or dairy. This could also indicate food allergies. Run over any food you’ve had in the past 24 hours and think if that could be causing any allergies.