Why we get Acne? April 24 2014, 0 Comments

Why Do We Get Acne? - Written by M.Hart

Something that confused me for a while was why did we get acne? What made our skin  inflame? These questions ran through my head constantly and I decided to do some research and really look into this topic. The result I found was how in depth and unique our skin is. It has many layers and different reasons why our skin breaks outs. I'll be explaining all of those now for you.

I wanted to know what makes our skin inflame and get those lovely zits, I'm sure you're all familiar with. The most common case is when the walls of our pores to open easily allowing things like dirt, oil, bacteria, etcetera into our skin. Our pores will then clog and will inflame - leaving you with a pimple. In some cases, our pores open rather large and deep, causing them to stretch and the bacteria to affect the lower layers of our skin. These pimples are usually larger and painful to the touch. This can also be known as cystic acne.

Other reasons we develop acne is stress, which causes our skin to produce more sebum (which will build up and clog up our pores, as explained previously), poor diet and lack of exercise may effect your skin's appearance. Also, dehydration can lead to excess sebum production - so drink up your water!

Touching your face throughout the day may push makeup deeper into the pores, as well as transfer bacteria from the hands onto the face. So keep your hands away.

Another common cause of acne is hormones. For women during our time of the month, our hormones tend to go a little crazy, causing lots of sebum production and bacteria build up. This is why women usually breakout a few days prior and during their periods.

Acne can also be (unfortunately  hereditary. If it's rather common in your family, you most likely will experience the same.

As you all know, acne comes with a lot of baggage and can lead to long term after effects. By taking care of your skin and understanding the different types of acne - you will then be able to master how to treat each blemish.

The best tip is to keep good hygiene! Constantly wash your hands before touching your face. Take your makeup off every evening, remember to cleanse to get every out of your pores! Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and try to de-stress every change you get.

There is no way to completely avoid getting acne, but by keeping the previous things in mind and maintaining a routine, your results will be less severe.

As always, good luck to you all.