A Love Letter to Myself May 09 2016, 0 Comments

by: Arlene


I wrote the following poem for a spoken word performance I plan to do, once I work up the courage to get on stage, with bright lights on my face, and share an intimate story of my biggest insecurity: acne.


Dear self,

You have so. many. beautiful things in your life.

The people, the experiences, everything in between.

There’s no need to cry over the things you can’t control.

Wipe your tears and smile. You are more than your pain.


You are more than your reflection in the mirror.

You were born from love.

Second generation strong.

Your mother made you beautiful.


Dear self,

It’s ok that people stare.

They’re not trying to hurt you.

They just don’t understand,

That one little glance feels like a stab,


We all have struggles that we face.

Your struggle happens to be written on yours.

A visible reminder of your physical pain.

A nightmare you can’t awake from.


Dear self,

Think how far you have already come.

And how much you have left to do.

Keep focused. Stay humble.

This struggle is but a chapter in your story.


One day this will be a memory.

But oh how much you will have learned.