The Blooming Of My Acne/My journey April 08 2016, 0 Comments

by: Acacia Klaasen


I was never a person that struggled with acne, so when I started to get breakouts it was such a surprise. My forehead was never a problematic area; it was always my cheeks. It began as just a patch on one cheek and that patch would come and go. It then spread to the other side of my face as just a tiny patch and that patch grew out and got larger. I now had/still have acne on both sides of my face. I have never been a makeup person, But there was no way I was going out in public like that! So, I bought a stick of concealer and that was the only makeup I would use on my face. With the concealer the acne didn’t look as bad. It was summer time and every time I got breakouts, the sun would actually help to dry out the pimples and diminish the look. When I look back at pictures, I realize that my skin actually wasn’t even that bad.  

Fall time was around the corner, and school was starting. The night before, I had a very bad breakout on my cheeks. I had foundation sitting around so I used that along with my concealer. Not a great idea. After I used it once, I kept on using it because the breakouts were just so stubborn and would not go away. I then resorted to EVERY acne product in the book and it would just keep coming back.

This is when I started to pick at it. I would “pop” the pimples and yes, they would be gone but I was starting to get scars. These scars were just on my cheeks so everyday I would use foundation and concealer. School lead to staying up late and imbalanced sleeping patterns. Imbalanced sleeping is a cause of forehead pimples and acne. I now started to get acne on my forehead. I didn’t use any makeup on it at first but once again, big mistake. I started to pick and “pop” the pimples. I now had/have scars on my forehead which made me frustrated because my forehead was always the spot that stayed clean and acne-free. I was now wearing makeup on my forehead. When you wear makeup on your forehead and cheeks, you must well just wear it everywhere for blending purposes. I invested lots of money into makeup. My skin was more tan so the scars came out more as dark spots rather than pink spots. I hated that I had to wear makeup because i’d never been a makeup person. The pimples did start to fade away but I am now left with a few small patches of acne and scars. I am currently browsing the internet for acne scar treatments and I came across Banish. I’m super excited and cannot wait to give it a try.