Clearer Skin Methods: Meditation and Yoga March 27 2016, 0 Comments

by: Lydia Hanicak


It is no secret that stress causes acne. You are doing yourself a favor by taking a minute to breathe when you feel lost or stressed out. You are doing yourself a favor by treating yourself to a new facemask or an ice cream cone when you feel like you need one. You are doing yourself a favor by staying away from toxic people in your life, and sometimes taking a sick day off of school or work to catch your breath and refocus. In doing these things, you are helping your skin!

A positive attitude does more than building your confidence and making others around you happier as well; it leads to healthier, clearer skin.

As a previous sufferer of anxiety and depression, meditation is one of the treatments that were suggested to me. Meditation is not only calming but leaves you feeling refreshed, positive, and patient. It is an excellent method to try to combat feelings of stress and anxiety; even five minutes per day can make a difference, try it yourself.

I started out by searching "Guided meditations" on YouTube; there are hundreds of excellent videos that focus on different topics including positivity, confidence boost, Chakra cleansing, sleep, healing, and deep relaxation. It is part of your own personalized path to self discovery; you can utilize these videos however you like; every morning, I use a Chakra cleansing guided meditation to start my day in a positive way, and at night I sit by myself quietly, thinking about my day and create my own meditation.

Meditation is a huge stress reliever and can eventually lead to clearer skin, and better overall health. I definitely noticed a difference in my skin after I started meditating for a few weeks; I was breaking out less and my acne became easier to treat.

Another major stress reliever that I have discovered over the past few years is yoga. I was first introduced through running track in high school; we were required to participate in yoga every Friday before meets to increase flexibility and strength, and also to relax. Yoga is an excellent way to relax, like meditation, while also incorporating your body as well as your mind. Deep breathing while holding poses increases blood flow, flexibility, strength, and confidence.

I promise that if you incorporate meditation and/or yoga into your daily routine, you will be happier, healthier, and develop clearer skin. Remember to drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and most importantly, love yourself.