Oily Skin March 24 2016, 0 Comments

by: Lydia Hanicak


Living with acne can be very brutal. There are very few things worse than waking up the day of an important event and seeing a fresh red pimple, breaking out from hormonal changes, or dealing with constant skincare tips and tricks to fade breakouts. Every person that has suffered with acne has looked around them at fortunate people with naturally clear skin and cursed those lucky genes. It's basically considered a fact of life; acne really sucks. If living with breakout-prone skin isn't enough, there is another spirit-killer that myself among many other people suffer from; oily skin.

Living with very oily skin is quite the experience. Many say that it is actually a blessing because people who have oily skin age more slowly than people who do not; the person who first said this most likely did not have extremely oily skin. Only other people who suffer from the same skin type understand the struggle. Often times waking up in the morning, my face is comparable to an oil rig and once I wash my face, it takes under 20 minutes for the oil to return.

Cleansers and acne treatments must be chosen sparingly and specifically; nothing too harsh to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. Clay masks a couple times per week are a necessity and blotting sheets are a lifesaver. Makeup products must be noncomodogenic and have a matte finish. Constant blotting throughout the day is often a necessity. It is truly a lot of work and is usually very overwhelming.

Of course those who are fortunate enough to have normal skin do not understand the struggle of living with oily, acne prone skin. Questions are raised: "Why are you using a moisturizer if your skin is already oily?”, “What are those little blue sheets?", "Are you sweating?", "Why do you have so many skincare products?". Many of us have been at the point where we have tried strange home remedies that claim to cure oily skin; using lemon juice, egg whites, and even potato juice.

For most of my life, I've considered oily skin to be my worst enemy, but through constant experimentation with various brands, products, and remedies, I have come to understand my skin and what is the best for it. Maybe the tale about slower aging is right, and one day I will be thankful for my oily skin and all of the struggles it has brought upon me.