My Acne Scars March 19 2016, 0 Comments

By: Lucille McClinn


Acne scars are a pain to deal with. Pretty much anyone who has had acne has had to face the aftermath of it. Most pimples leave a post-inflammatory scar behind, and it can last for months or even a year. I have had acne since sixth grade. And from the beginning, I have picked at my face. It is a terrible habit that leads to acne scarring. Which is so difficult to get rid of.

I am 18 years old now and my acne is under control, but I have loads of acne scars all over my face. They aren’t deep boxcar ones, just red spots. I have done hours of research on how to get rid of red acne spots with hardly any results.

I have used 22% vitamin c serum (only for about 3 weeks) but it has done little to help my skin. I am currently using a 2% hydroquinone cream (Ambi Fade Cream for normal skin) however it has a large amount of unfamiliar chemicals in it and hydroquinone is usually only beneficial to dark marks, not red ones.

My scars seem to have been there for a matter of years and it’s frustrating to attempt to cure. The scars on my forehead seem to be clearing up, but very slowly and not surely. I have many on my chin and the right side of my cheek. Other solutions to my acne scar condition include laser treatments, silicone treatments, microdermabrasion treatments, or blue light therapy. All of which include multiple sessions and are highly expensive. I won’t say I’ve tried everything in the book, but it seems I’ve tried everything in my reach.

Then I found Banish Acne Scars. I couldn’t believe there was a company dedicated to helping people get rid of acne scars. I looked at plenty of reviews on the Banish website, YouTube, and other sites. I saw many reviews that praised their products and how quick they worked. I saw that many of their products had natural ingredients, which appealed to me. The prices shown are low compared to other companies and are great for the quality you get.

The Banish acne scar kit includes a lot of useful tools to fade acne scars for a cheap price. I am excited to try out their products and watch my red acne scars fade. I have lived with acne and the scars for too long, and I am eagerly ready to achieve the clear skin I have been working towards.