FAQ about Micro Skin Rolling December 30 2013, 1 Comment


For millions of people, acne represents more than just a passing phase of their teenage years. Scarring from acne can occur, causing long-term damage to the skin. While there have been many treatments over the years ranging from the ineffective to the very expensive, one has emerged as being highly effective in not only treating acne scars, but also scarring caused by stretch marks and unsightly cellulite as well.

Micro skin rolling treatment gets rid of acne scars in a relatively short period of time and unlike laser or many other skin treatments, is inexpensive as well. Using a skin roller, the micro rolling process can help restore skin to its natural state quickly and easily without the use of expensive treatments.

What is Micro Skin Rolling?

The Micro Skin Rolling process on a roller is essentially a series of very small bristles that are only long enough to penetrate the top layer of the skin. When using a skin roller over acne scars, the bristles actually open up the pores which allows traditional skin creams and treatments to become more effective.

By opening up the pores in this manner, effective skin treatment products can then be more readily absorbed into the skin allowing for these products to work far more effectively. It is one of the most effective means in how to get rid of acne scars. After about one hour, the pores close up and the skin returns to its normal appearance.

Does Micro Skin Rolling Hurt?

The bristles themselves are so short that they do not draw blood or cause any real discomfort. Most people who use the roller indicate a tickling sensation, especially when using the smallest bristles. It is recommended that you start with the smaller bristles and then use the larger ones later on so that you will get use to the tickling sensation.

Getting Rid of Acne Scars & Stretch Marks

In addition to opening up the pores, the bristles induce a process known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) which releases the natural collagen under the skin to create a smoother appearance. This means that the pits and divots caused by acne scarring are greatly reduced. In addition, this process also works with stretch marks as well. Simply use the dermaroller over the stretch marks and they will be greatly reduced, whether on the stomach or legs.

The Advantages of the Roller

There are numerous advantages to using the roller, especially when combined with a natural skin supplement such as the Vitamin C serum. This combination helps to reduce scarring and restore the natural look of your skin more quickly than before.

Inexpensive: Many skin treatments run into the thousands of dollars, yet the roller is one product that costs only a fraction.

Easy to Use: You only need to use the roller for a few minutes a day to get the results needed.

No Unwanted Side Effects: When used correctly, the roller along with the Vitamin C serum will only restore your skin to its natural condition.

You can find out more information about the roller and the Vitamin C serum by going to this website. Here, you will find the best products that will help to restore you skin back to its natural condition.